A Century of Service: The U.S. Navy on Cape Henlopen; Lewes, Delaware, 1898-1996. 


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1. Early Naval




2. WW I: Naval Section


3. WW II:Harbor Entrance

Control Post (HECP)

and Captain of the Port



4. Cold War: Naval  


Radio Station____.


5. Cold War:Navy Sound

Surveillance System 

(SOSUS) Naval Facility

 (NavFac) ____


6. Cold War:Terminal

 Building oNavFac___

7. Harbor Defense 







April 2: "American Naval

Ships Named Delaware."

Old State House, Dover, DE

May 8: American Naval 

Ships Named Delaware."

Lewes Historical Society,

Lewes DE

Oct. 17: "Life of an American

Boy in Lewes , DE during

the American Revolution."

Hale-Byrnes House, 

Newark, DE.


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The U.S. Navy maintained installations on Cape Henlopen continuously from 1898 until 1996. 

To get the full story, READ THE BOOK

A Century of Service: the U.S. Navy on Cape Henlopen, Lewes Delaware, 1898-1996.

Available here_____

To access pictures and narrative of the individual installations, click on the ____ following the installation names below.

To see a news article about the Delaware Division of Parks and

Recreation unveiling a marker in front of the Biden Environmental

Conference Center commemorating these Navy sites, go here____.

To read about "Submarines at the Cape: Friend and Foe", go here____.

To see pictures of the USS Missouri Gun now at Cape Henlopen State Park, go here____.

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